MEET OUR FOUNDER & CEO Kelly Ann Collins

One of the very first bloggers, influencers, digital journalists and livestreamers, Kelly Ann Collins is an expert in building communities.


Kelly Ann was one of the first Google influencers (before “influencer” was a word) back in 2003, an honor that threw her into an elite circle of Internet legends, including the young man who masterminded the pop-up blocker (a genius!), the creator of text ads (no joke!), and the guys who launched one of the very first ranking and online dating sites. She even (haphazardly) ended up in an early investor meeting for Friendster.

After leaving her work as one of the first digital journalists, helping to launch the USA Today Information Network (what later became USAToday.com), then working as an employee to help launch AOL Co-founder Steve Case’s Revolution, she turned her love of blogging into a startup business, bootstrapping, launching and running a pop-politics and celebrity cause blog that gained 3 million monthly readers within one year.


Considered a “Leader of the Pack” by POLITICO and one of the “Top 20 Hottest Geek Girls,” Kelly Ann is considered to be in the top 2% of female entrepreneurs, since she has raised more than $1 million to fund her various entrepreneurial endeavors.

Now, she helps brands launch and run their own communities through the social media agency she launched in 2013, Vult Lab, which works with big brands, thought leaders and influencers, nonprofits and NGOs on projects that “help make the world a better place” in a variety of ways.

Our core values


We’re bold, creative and full of the entrepreneurial spirit and resources needed to make (what can sometimes seem impossible) a reality.


We work from coffee shops, co-working spaces, our homes, and, sometimes, the beach – because we believe people with the freedom to work when they want, from wherever they want, are happier, healthier and more productive.


We collaborate with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures, because we know that embracing different perspectives helps make the world a better place, and it helps us make better decisions. We go to great lengths to nurture and preserve our borderless collegiality – so we can win, together.


We hire motivated, creative people who want to make their mark in the world – regardless of location, age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual preference, pedigree, religion or favorite type of music (in other words, EDM’ers welcome).


If you want to help us grow, and you are ready to learn, we will train you, internally and/or externally! Our team members have taken online courses and earned certificates (paid by Vult Lab) at Cornell University, MIT and Columbia Business School. Why? Because we believe learning keeps us sharp – and on top of the trends!

Why we do it

Today, nearly everyone is online. Your mom, your friends, your dog...

That’s why, since 2013, our team has been dedicated to helping great people everywhere connect with other amazing people … everywhere!


To build vibrant communities infused with influence and thought leadership.

Create awareness

Help people understand complex topics – from business and finance to education and conservation – through the power of creative content.

Encourage advocacy

Help people understand complex topics – from business and finance to education and conservation – through the power of creative content.

Foster community

Work to support the communities we build through digital events, outreach and engagement.